A great message sent to us after a recent Qudos gig in Salisbury from a couple of new converts! :

Wow! Can’t believe for just the purchase of a few beers, I had the greatest pleasure of hearing so much of my favourite music, so outstandingly performed, by such talented musicians.
I have seen some good cover bands...and then there are the Cellarats! Clearly in a league of there own.
What I actually got to enjoy last night was not so much a pub gig, but more of a live concert of my top playlists, by 4 very skilful player’s capable of really delivering the feel of the original artists.

Thank you so much for an awesome evening, cheers guys 👍

  • ' check these out, they're awesome!!....'         Karlie, Yeovil.
  • 'Many thanks for a top, top gig at our place last night, brilliant' Martyn Spalding, The 94 Club, Yeovil.
  • 'I’ve seen this band so many times there amazing.'                  MK Jamie

  • 'If you haven't had a chance to see them I highly recommend it. Very tight band and professional at all times. Also seen at Thruxton British Super Bike meetings in 2017 & 18.'                Paul G

  • 'Just seen this band, fantastic gig, go see them! :-) '      Andy H